Strengthening education in developing countries

At Global ADE we strive to build and strengthen education in Cambodia and other developing countries. With education, each student has the chance to break free of the cycle of poverty and positively improve their quality of life. We believe that education is a human right that should be available to all, and we work to make that belief a reality.

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Working with local organizations and partners, we are beginning the process of supporting our first programs to build and strengthen education in rural Cambodia.

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What is Global ADE?

Global ADE is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving education in developing countries. We are currently funding grassroots educational improvements spearheaded by individuals who live in the communities we are targeting.

Our Programs

Teacher kidsGlobal ADE recently sponsored a Learning Center though PEPY, an organization based in Cambodia. This program offers graduates the skills they need to secure jobs after completing their schooling.

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Child smilesWe've gave educational scholarships to dozens of Cambodian students. These students graduated from primary school and needed books, transportation, and school fees to be able to attend secondary classes.

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News & Events

Founder Raises Money by Completing Olympic Triathlon

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Global ADE founder returns to Cambodia to visit students and assess educational programs.

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Global ADE's 3rd Annual Fundraising Dinner a Success

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Global ADE host our Second Annual Fundraising Dinner.

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Global ADE's first Benefit Golf Tournament

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We bring together effective leaders in the U.S. with local leaders in the developing world.


Global ADE is supported by University of Portland students and faculty and by a network of friends and business people in the Portland area.