Wonderful Fact of Human Design Development

Nature is weird, so weird in fact that IMHO it needed to have been designed programmed this way, much like we have got developer alternate realities like The Twilight Zone the Outer Limits and Tales from the Crypt to name only a new. Humans are still accountable for units assigned to those several constants. Now what’s the key difference between Scenario One and Scenario Two? In Scenario One, the Mother Nature situation, all is by random chance and random chance alone.

In Scenario Two, the computer or software developer situation, everything is fine and designed. The question arises, which situation seems to be the better reflection of reality? We are conscious that as matter approaches the speed of light, various peculiarities are observed. Time rate of change slows down mass increases and the length contracts Lorentz contraction. These relationships all have equations, which spelled out are:

Time: New Time equals Old Time minus Velocity times First Length Divided from the Speed of Light Squared all over the square root of One minus Velocity Squared divided by the Speed of Light Squared.

Length: New Length equals Old Length minus Velocity occasions Time all over the square root of One minus Velocity Squared divided by the Speed of Light Squared.

Human Design Development

Mass: New Mass equals Rest Mass all over the square root of One minus Velocity Squared divided from the Speed of Light Squared. The upshot of course is that there is no coefficient more complex Than 1 exactly One no exponent more complex than Two exactly Two.

This degradation makes life on the ground plane very tough now however, we also have never had such a terrific chance to become aware, to take action, to exercise free will. This is a distinctive era, and a bit of effort exerted today can go a long way toward the improvement of human design on earth. All things work through want energy that is conditioned through pain and pleasure.

One other interesting point: the operations in solving these basic Mathematical equations are exceedingly easy. There is just addition and subtraction. Okay, there is multiplication and division also, but in fact multiplication is simply multiple applications also branch is merely multiple applications of subtraction.

Individual behavior, both as groups and individuals, appears to be expressed more or less unconsciously, and free will seems to be negatively oriented, which is evident from the huge degradation of the natural environment. Both the God Hypothesis and the Multiversity Hypothesis have been eliminated from consideration because of lack of any plausible evidence. Both are pure speculation whereas we can grasp the thoughts of Mother Nature and a computer or software developer.