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The Problem

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Opportunity Deficit

Currently there are 250 million children without basic reading, writing and math skills. There are 62 million girls who are unable to attend school around the world. We are on a mission to change these statistics.

We have chosen the country of Cambodia to start this mission. The country of Cambodia lies in the Southeastern part of Asia, and was devastated by a horrific genocide in the late 1970s. The Khmer Rouge murdered over 1/4th of Cambodian’s entire population – targeting teachers, doctors and anyone with an education. They burned hundreds of thousands of books, destroyed hundreds of schools and decimated the country’s infrastructure. Cambodia is still suffering from the effects today.

Today in Cambodia, 92% of children enroll in primary school, but this number begins to decrease dramatically after the first day due to a lack of schools, a lack of teacher training and a lack of financial support. However, as the students transition to junior high, enrollment rates plummet to 40%. This number further decreases as these young adults move onto high school, where the enrollment rate drops to 23%. Unfortunately, only a mere 8% continue onto university.

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